Little Old Me

I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

~Edgar Allan Poe

About this Site.

Hello and welcome, I am Kev (a.k.a Pop’s Pic’s) and this is my website and blog, it is my main home on the internet and as such acts as a central hub for all my online presences. I am retired from work and decided to try a blog as a pastime, and of course being a retiree you’d think I’ve got time to write a blog and maybe, although probably not, find interesting things to blog about 😁

The website part of this description hopefully speaks for itself, it’s simply a website within which I can add and do whatever I want. I can add further pages / sections for various uses and essentially please myself as regards the contents of the site. I think what I’m trying to say is it is quite simply MY FLIPPING WEBSITE 🤨

The blog section is a journal of sorts, now I don’t have the most exciting or interesting life and everyone knows I’m not Mr Charisma, I’m ordinary, even a little boring, but I feel the need to share my life with you, sorry about that 😁 But of course it’s also an ordinary blog and as such could be about anything, I am into photography and art so these subjects will probably feature fairly heavily, I have health issues and I am Buddhist so these may make an appearance, oh and I definitely have a leaning toward the dark, spooky, twisted and even sensual side of things. But to be honest almost anything could be a subject for my blog posts, whatever takes my fancy. I may also rant on a little now and again if something affects me enough to get my back up.

About Little Old Me.

OK, so about me, I never really enjoy this kind of thing, I don’t like talking about myself, no really I don’t, honest I promise 😁

Anyway here goes, my name’s Kevin Wheeler (my online pseudonym is “Pop’s Pic’s” which you’ll see here and there throughout my other sites) I’m a self confessed Boring Old Fart and I am (at time of writing) 65 years old, I’m Buddhist and kinda interested in Witchcraft, I’m retired and I’m divorced with two grown up sons.

My health isn’t the best. To summarise, I have Arthritis at the base of my spine, some left over mental health issues, a serious Heart condition, intermittent Blood Pressure problems, severely damaged Kidneys, Anaemia and a Bladder that doesn’t work properly. Despite all this I feel better than I probably have a right to and I think I do OK 😊👍

Further information regarding my health situation can be found “here”

I am a hobbyist photographer and a very bad artist, I like walking and love nature, I tend to waste time watching TV a lot and messing about online on my many sites but I am trying to cut down on both of these time wasters, with not very much success so far 😏

So that’s my site and me, I hope you enjoy the website / blog and maybe find something you can relate to.

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💕

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