Hello and Welcome to “Words of Wisdom”

Hi folks and welcome, this is the first post on my WordPress blog “Words of Wisdom, I intend to use this blog for my wordy posts, they will then be shared to my Tumblr blog which is where a lot of my photography, art and more or less anything else will be shared.

I am using WordPress for most of my written word type blog posts because I think it just seems more suited to the task (also because Facebook doesn’t seem to like Tumblr posts and I’d rather like to share some of these posts on my FB).

My Tumblr meanwhile is more of a home for me as I prefer its simpler and more fun, visual media style as I like to think of myself as a photographer and a (bad) artist, therefore I may not use this WordPress site a lot, but fear not, whenever I get the urge to write something a little wordy, such as this, then this site will come into its own.

Anyway, for now please, Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💕

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