A New Plan

OK, I’ve had a change of heart, not literally I still have the same heart !! but I have slightly changed my plan for my Tumblr and this WordPress.

I have previously said that my Tumblr was more of a home for me as I prefer its simpler and more fun, visual media style and I would be using WordPress mostly just for my written word type blog posts.

While this still holds true to a certain extent I’ve come to the conclusion that WordPress is more flexible, powerful and more shareable than Tumblr (and by more shareable I of course mean you can share directly to Facebook). Thus I have decided to make this WordPress “Words of Wisdom” into my main website and blog combined, a central hub for all my various online presences, my home on the net if you will.

Also to start creating this as my website I have created a new page titled “About” which can be found on the navigation menu at the top of the site.

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