The Week Just Past – Journal #2

Part two of my Journal posts arrives and it’s just simply a run down of the week that has just gone, Monday through to today (Friday).

It’s been an uneventful week, no surprise there, I don’t exactly lead a jetset life, everything is very boring and samey for you the reader, but I don’t enjoy shocks so I guess that’s kinda good for me 😏 The weather has on the whole been fairly grey, damp and for a little while, a day or so, pretty windy, generally quite miserable 😕🌫🌧🌬

I have done nothing this week, it’s been a very stay at home kind of week for me, partly due to the weather but mainly because I’ve not been feeling very active, in fact I’ve felt pretty sluggish and fatigued even by my standards 😴 a symptom of my Anaemia I believe.

My get up out of bed times have been very erratic all week, which isn’t a particular surprise either, I have no discernable sleep pattern. This is, I think ? due to me often feeling tired and sleeping during the day, I nearly always need a nap during the day at some point and this messes with my sleep during the night, sometimes I sleep very well, other times hardly at all with no noticeable pattern. This week for example my wake up and get up out of bed times have varied from 3:30 in the morning (stupid o’clock) to 12:00 midday today (a heck of a sleep in) 😴😴😴

The weather actually got out quite nice this afternoon, bright with blue sky amongst some clouds, no idea about the temperature as I didn’t get out. Despite it brightening up outside I’m feeling a little cold and lethargic here in my little hovel, and yes the heating is on and I did sleep in, it’s just me and my condition I’m afraid 🤨

Anyway as it’s Friday my sons will be coming down for the weekend in around an hour and a half or thereabouts so that’s good 😊👍

All that’s left for me to do is to say “bye bye 👋 for now” and please “Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy” 😊🙏💕

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