ICU Team Catch Up

I had a hospital appointment at Furness General this morning, it wasn’t anything important, interesting or serious, it was just a follow up appointment with the Intensive Care Unit team. I met with two nurses from the ICU, they asked me how I was doing, if I had any questions, they asked me a few questions and we chatted about my time in Intensive Care. That’s all it was really, a bit of a catch up, no tests, nothing new 😊

I was given a Patient Discharge letter from the ICU and also received my “ICU Patient Diary”. I didn’t know this but apparently they keep a diary for each patient they have in Intensive Care, of course things are a bit hectic and busy in IC so these diaries are sometimes a bit sparse.

I was in hospital for about 2 weeks, but my ICU diary only has two entries for the 5 or so days I was in the ICU. One of these entries was from a nurse called Hannah, now if I recall correctly there were two Hannah’s but I can’t remember which one this was, forgive me Hannah 😁💖

Anyway she says that she looked after me overnight and that I was “slightly confused overnight” and that I was “singing to her all night” 🎶🎵🎶 Now I do know I was confused, even a little delusional for a little while, but, I have no idea what I was singing, I don’t even remember doing it, what I do know is that I am the worst singer you’ll ever hear and it must have sounded horrendous, so once again I have to beg you to forgive me Hannah (and anyone else who was in hearing distance) 😬🙏💕💕

Anyway after my appointment I walked all the way home, it’s quite a decent walk from the hospital to my house so I’m fairly proud of myself. It is a warm, blue skied, beautiful day so it wasn’t a chore to walk but I am rather tired and have a bit of a back ache now 😏

So that’s it for now, take care of yourselves and please, Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💕

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