Tumblr Import – Updated

A post embedded from my Tumblr

I had a bit of a brain storm and decided to import all of the posts from my Tumblr in this WordPress blog, I did this with the automatic import tool and, well to be honest it didn’t all go as I had hoped. Still it’s done now so I hope you can put up with the slight mess it’s made, now that the mass auto mess is over and done with I will add future posts as embeds as I did with the embedded Tumblr post shown at top of this post and hopefully things will be much better 😁👍

UPDATE :- I think I was a little abrupt in slagging off the auto mass import, it’s now a couple of days later and the imported posts seem to have sorted themselves out, pictures are present etc 😁👍

Please Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💕

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