Sleep patterns are for wusses…

Could you have two more differing nights sleep, not bloody much different anyway 🙄

Yesterday I woke up around 12 noon after a damn good night and mornings sleep 😴😴😴 Last night I slept fitfully, very broken sleep full of fevered dreams and lots of awake time and finally gave in and got up before 4:30 am this morning 😞

I don’t have much in the way of normal sleep patterns or cycles or whatever the hell they’re called but these last two nights have been such a shining example of the state of my own non existent sleep pattern 😏

Anyway I’m up now, I’ve had my first coffee of I’m sure many (mmmhh coffee) and I can’t help but think that at some point today I’m gonna need a sleep to catch up a little. I wonder what today will bring, whatever it has in store for me I truly hope it’s a good one for you 🙏💕

Bye for now, Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💕

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