Yesterday, Wednesday 11th May 2022

Yesterday was kind of a busy day for me, still not exciting though 😁 I went to the hospital for a blood test, everything went fine, the blood flowed freely and there were no dramas and minimal pain. I needed to have a blood test done ready for next week’s appointment with the Nephrologist so I wont get my results till then.

I decided to walk home from the hospital, to begin with it was grey but fine and mild, then halfway home it poured down, I mean it really hammered it down, my jeans were sopping and it went straight through my jacket. By the time I got home I was soaked to the skin, like a drowned rat with thinning hair, I had achy legs, a sore back and I was sniffling uncontrollably, but hey they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, well I really don’t believe that either of the things that tried to kill me in the last four years made me any stronger 🙄

The first thing I did on getting home was to dry myself off and change into something dry and comfy, by now of course the bloody Sun had come out, bloody hells bells 😐

Of course what I really wanted now was a nice hot brew, but looking in the fridge I discovered I had no milk left for a brew, I’d forgotten about that, I had to do a Deliveroo order from the Coop, got some milk, a couple of sandwiches and a couple of Danish pastries, settled down and had a little picnic on the sofa 😊🥪☕

Shooting off at a tangent, as I have a tendency to do, I don’t think I’m gonna import every damn thing that I post on my Tumblr into this blog anymore, it just seems a bit messy, I’m just gonna choose the ones I want to cross post manually, of course everything on this blog will still go to my Tumblr

Another thing I feel the need to mention is that I have created my own page on my Facebook, the page is “Pop’s Pic’s Words of Wisdom“. The reason for this is that although WordPress posts automatically to Tumblr and Twitter it doesn’t auto post to Facebook personal timelines, it will only auto post to Facebook pages, thus to make my own life easier I have set up my page 😁👍

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💕

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