So why “Words of Wisdom”

So, why is this website / blog called “Pop’s Pic’s Words of Wisdom” when although some are more wordy many of the posts have few to zero words within them ❓❓

Well the answer is simple, when I first created this WordPress blog my Tumblr was going to be my main blog and a place to call home on the web, Tumblr was the place I was going to post all the media, photography and arty stuff. When this blog began it was just meant as somewhere to write any wordy posts to go with all of Tumblr’s media type posts, it was my words, thus the address “popspicswords” and the title “Words of Wisdom” (Words of Wisdom is a bit of a joke and not to be taken seriously as my words and of course me myself hold very little in the way of wisdom) 😁

But things evolved, my plan changed as I continued on in my quest for mundanity, I came to realise I wanted a website as well as a blog. I knew that although Tumblr was a fun place to be WordPress has much more flexibility and far more options as regards what it can become 🤔

So although my Tumblr is great fun and remains one of my fave places online my WordPress site could be so much more. I had the ability to create a website, a central hub for all of my other online presences, a proper home on the web.

Here on I can add as many pages as I want for any purpose I feel the need for, it can evolve and grow as time goes by into whatever I want, I can, hopefully, build a community around it and it plays well with most other platforms. And of course I can still have the blog within my own website, a blog with endless possibilities and which of course will cross post to my beloved Tumblr as well as the new Facebook Page which I have created just for this purpose 😃

So there you have it, that is why this WordPress site is called “Words of Wisdom” and why it has become my central hub, my home on the internet, the nucleus that my Facebook, my Facebook page, my Instagram, my Tumblr and my Twitter all revolve around.

Bye for now, and please, Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💕

2 thoughts on “So why “Words of Wisdom”

  1. Sandra Burns ART – Sandra | Nature Artist/Lover 🙂 Exploring the Healing Power of Nature in Art 🎨 Acrylic Artist ▪️ Photographer ▪️ Empath ☀️ Based in Perth WA - Art for Sale 👉
    Sandra Burns ART says:

    I love your words of wisdom!

    1. popspics2 – Pop's Pic's Boring Old Fart....Mmmh Coffee.... #Photography #Photographer #Art #Artist My Website / Blog -
      popspics2 says:

      Thank you Sandra 😊🙏💕

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