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I have made a number of updates to the functionality of this website / blog, I have done it today, all by myself so I’ve not much idea how functional these additions are, I await your comments regarding this, any any helpful suggestions would be welcome thanks 😁👍

Firstly I have, hopefully, added the ability for visitors to submit guest posts to appear on my blog, if any of you fancy extending your reach and giving it a go, then please, be my guest via the “GUEST SUBMISSION FORM” tab at top of page.

I have also added the option of folk registering to this site, I guess it’s to give more of a community feel to proceedings, this can be accessed via the “Site Registration” tab at top of screen, this is along with a number of other tabs that work with this plugin, it’s kind of a social media thing I think.

Thirdly I have also added a forum to the site, I have no idea if anyone will use this, but if you want to ask something, or you have any suggestions or you simply want to talk about something then please feel free to make use of the “FORUM” tab.

I guess this is all part of my attempt to start a little community based around this site, that’s also why I have created my Facebook page “Pop’s Pic’s Words of Wisdom” which will contain my posts from this blog as well as my Instagram posts from now on.

So if you do make use of any of these features then please let me know if they are working, what any issues are and any suggestions you may have, thank you 🙏

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💕

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