Just a little query ??

I was just wondering, is it OK to re-blog other folks posts on your own blog page here on WordPress, or is this frowned upon or seen as plagiarism, this is assuming credit was in fact given to the original author of course ❓❓ 😊🙏💕

3 thoughts on “Just a little query ??

  1. Yes it is okay as long as all the appropriate attributions are in place. If a post catches your eye, is to your liking or is within your niche you can reblog without concern. It is certainly not plagiarism. It is another way of making connections and building friendly links with other bloggers. Happy Re-blogging My Friend.

    1. popspics2 – Pop's Pic's Boring Old Fart....Mmmh Coffee.... #Photography #Photographer #Art #Artist My Website / Blog - https://popspicswords.uk/
      popspics2 says:

      Thank you my friend 😊🙏

      1. Pleasure. Glad you found the information useful. Have a great weekend My Friend. Happy Blogging.

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