Journal Update – 31st May 2022

Oh my gosh, it’s the 31st of May already, where the hell is this year going, I guess the fact that for me it’s been littered with medical / hospital appointments / tests and the like has kind of kept things moving forward at a bit of a pace. But still it does seem to be flying in even though I’m not really doing much and it should probably be dragging a bit for me, anyway, it isn’t 😁

Something that bought me great cheer just this past weekend was that my beloved Wigan Warriors won the rugby league Challenge Cup final, and boy, it was a close and tense affair with the mighty Warriors just managing to take it from the Huddersfield Giants 😁🏉🏆

A good while back I watched and thoroughly enjoyed iZombie, well now I’m getting to enjoy it all over again as Jonathan and I are binge watching it on Netflix, kind of binge watching anyway. It’s a smashing zombie girl, horror, police thriller come comedy series with some exciting and plenty of amusing moments throughout the five seasons. If you haven’t seen iZombie then get it watched it’s well worth it 😁

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💕

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