I use ZOHO now…

OK, so, I have started using ZOHO Writer to construct my blog posts. It seems like a smashing online word processor, it works via the cloud and is available on all of my devices so that’s good.  

Also it publishes to my WordPress blog easily, WordPress of course being my primary blog and website.  

However, I also have a presence on both Blogger and Medium and ZOHO Writer will publish to both. At the moment I only have a presence on Blogger and Medium.  WordPress remains king of the pack for me and I wasn’t going to post much if at all on the other two, but as it now seems easy to publish to them I will try publishing the same posts as WordPress to them as well.  It seems to work more or less fine on Blogger although I’m yet to be sold regarding it’s suitability with Medium.  

I will endeavour to update you after I’ve tried it out for a while.  

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