What a Waste of Time…

Today was the day of my appointment with the Urology doctor at the Ulverston Community Health Centre and what a complete waste of bloody time and money it was !!!  

I got up fairly early this morning, although as you might have realised with my sleep patterns, or lack thereof, early could mean many things, in this case it was around 7:30am, I came downstairs and had some breakfast and a brew. After a while I went back upstairs, I trimmed my facial hair and had a shower in preparation for my appointment.  

I knew of course that my appointment was in Ulverston but had no idea whatsoever whereabouts the health centre was. I needed to find the right place and get there on time. My answer to this predicament was to get a taxi, yes I knew it was going to cost me but the driver would know the location and would get me there in good time, which he did, both.  

I got there rather early as I had given myself some leeway in timing for whatever eventuality might occur, this meant that I had quite a lengthy wait to see the doctor.

When I did get into see the Urologist he did no tests of any kind. he asked me how I was feeling, if I was happy with my Catheter, he asked me what the Nephrologist had said then said he’d see me in six months. Like I said what a complete waste of time and money, I was only in with him for, at most, ten minutes and he didn’t tell me anything, I told him, it could have easily have been done at Furness General Hospital here in Barrow, much closer, in fact he was the same doctor who gave me my Cystoscopy at the start of the year in FGH ???  

Then would you believe it when I got out of the health centre it was raining, pretty heavily, it stopped after a while but talk about the cherry on the cake. Anyway I had a little wander around Ulverston town Center before getting the bus back to Barrow.  

I got home just before 2:00pm and I am now relaxing on my sofa looking forward to nodding off at some point 😁 

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy  😊🙏💕  

2 thoughts on “What a Waste of Time…

  1. boballoo1 – Hi, my name is Bob. I took early retirement from the steel industry four years ago and one of the things I promised myself was to learn to paint. I have always loved art and took up drawing at the age of fifty for the first time since leaving school. Hmmm did they have schools that long ago? Seemingly they did because I have some vague recollections of it, in particular of getting the cane for doodling in maths. I enjoyed drawing but always felt it lacked something, so I was determined to try my hand at painting. I enrolled on a watercolour class, but quickly decided that perhaps watercolour and I did not really gel. (In other words I couldn't do it.) Then I tried acrylic and found that I enjoyed using them and so here I am, a retired steel worker, splodging acrylic paint onto boards and paper and quite enjoying doing so. I realise that I have a great deal to learn and that I am a mere beginner in the art of painting, but enjoying doing something is half the battle. I love real art and will happily while away my free time in galleries wherever I come across them. I have been lucky enough to visit the Met in New York, the Louvre in Paris and of course Tate Britain. I also love sculpture and have a great fondness for the V&A, where I can wander for days. Well rather than bore anyone daft enough to read this into tears, I will leave it at that. It seems that nowadays, I have drifted away from art towards poetry and find it strangely more rewarding and more spiritual in many ways. I should stress that I mean spiritual as different from religious. Maybe that will change and I will drift back into more artistic endeavours. With my thanks for visiting and my very best wishes. I can be contacted at boballoo1@aol.com.
    boballoo3 says:

    Lol. Happy days. If you don’t laugh, then you would surely cry.

    1. popspics2 – Pop's Pic's Boring Old Fart....Mmmh Coffee.... #Photography #Photographer #Art #Artist My Website / Blog - https://popspicswords.uk/
      popspics2 says:

      Doesn’t do to let it get ya down 😁

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