Lancaster not Preston…

Yesterday was the day that my Mam, my sister Beverley, very good family friend Maureen and I were supposed to be going for a shopping trip to Preston, Maureen lives in Blackburn and was going to meet us in Preston.  So we three, Mam, Sis and me, arrived at Barrow railway station in good time only to find out our train was cancelled, this was a late cancellation and was rather peeving.  We couldn’t get to Preston but there was a later train to Lancaster, we conferred and decided we would visit Lancaster instead.  The big problem was that Maureen could not get to Lancaster due to the cancellations, we rang her and let her know, luckily she hadn’t set off yet but had to forgo the day out altogether, poor Momo 😞  

As it was we had an hours wait before our new train, this is my Sister and my Mam waiting patiently with hot chocolates, the cappuccino is mine 😁  

We got to Lancaster a little before midday, the weather was a little cooler than it had been for the previous few days but was still pretty warm and it remained nice and dry.  We also discovered that our train for Preston had been cancelled after someone had been hit by the train, very sad 😞  

Anyway shopping was done, I got a couple of sets of bedding for my bed, a polo shirt, a shirt, a top, a hoodie and a jacket, all from Primark because I’m tight 😁  We had dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant called "Bella Italia", I had Mushroom Crostini for my starter and Pollo Cacciatore for my main, these were absolutely delicious and I was so stuffed I didn’t want a pudding 😋  

After a bit more pottering about the shops we headed back to Lancaster railway station and got a train home to good old Barrow.  

I arrived back home around 5:30pm, hot bothered and knackered as well as having a pretty sore back (my shopping bags seemed to weigh a ton walking from Roose station to my house). I’d enjoyed my day but was well happy to be home, collapsed on my sofa 😊🙏💕  

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