To live the life I am capable of living 😊…

When I was still working I used to wish I could just go here and there if it was a nice day, but hey, I was at work, stuck in the office and so had to miss out… I used to think “I could do this or that” and fill my time doing interesting and enjoyable things, really get on and enjoy my hobbies 😏

Now I am retired, and have been for nearly four years. When I first retired after my heart attack and subsequent triple bypass surgery, once I had built my strength back up, I did for a while start to live a proper retired man’s lifestyle, I went out walking a lot, I went off on day trips on the train, I took a lot of photos and started painting, it was a good time 😁

Then the Covid Pandemic came along and with it “the lockdown”, quarantine, and all the isolation and loneliness that came with it 😟

My own work – All in our own little bubbles !!! – Pen on Bristol Board.

The walks, the travelling, most of the photography and mainly through depression and apathy all of the art went away and all that was left was emptiness, isolation and desperation, my mental health wasn’t at it’s best 😟

Then the lockdown ended, I was trying to start my life up again, I really wanted to get out and about but I was struggling to do so, the fear of Covid and the habit of living a sedentary and isolated life within the walls of my home was proving difficult to shake.

Then just before the end of last year I grew very ill, I was rushed into hospital, it turned out my kidneys had stopped working, I was very poorly 😞 I had all kinds of treatment, including at one point Dialysis while I was in Intensive care… (Further information regarding my health situation can be found “here”). After coming back home I was still visiting the hospital regularly for various treatments, and I still am occasionally.

Iron Infusion treatment – My own photo

But I am now in much better health, I need to start living the life a retired man like myself is capable of living. As I am retired I have lots of free time, I am free to get out and about, to go wherever I want, whenever I want, do whatever I want, whenever I want.

I want to start doing a lot of walking again, I want to get away on little day trips now and again, and with both of these things I want to start taking loads of photos again. I want to restart my hobby as an artist, I want to compose and share with you my blog posts, I want, I yearn to be active and creative, to live the life I am capable of living 😊

And I will 😃

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💕

3 thoughts on “To live the life I am capable of living 😊…

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      popspics2 says:

      Thank you Goff, hope you’re feeling better my friend 😊🙏

      1. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Just stepping back for a while. Have a great day My Friend.

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