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OK so the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that I have changed the title of this website and blog to “Pop’s Pic’s Creative Repository“. As I say toward the bottom of my Home page on this site “This page and the site is an ongoing project and is therefore prone to changes, please be patient“, well my initial idea for this site and its use in reality has changed slightly, or perhaps more correctly I have come to realise what it actually is.

You see I am, or like to think of myself as a creator, I am a photographer (hobbyist), an artist (a fairly bad one) and sometimes I like to pen blog posts (writer of sorts) and for these purposes I have a number of other sites which I use a lot of the time. I have my Flickr and my Instagram on which I display my photos and art, I have my Facebook profile within which I have my Facebook Page , Facebook is where I do most of my social networking, I also have my Tumblr which is a site I really enjoy. I also have quite a number of other sites, some of which I visit a little less often and some that I visit very rarely, but they are still there and any may get a little visit at times, these other sites can all be found on my Linktree page if you were in any way interested.

This leads us to the reason for the title change, what this site / blog actually does is it combines all of my creations, my photos, my art and my writing all in one place, a creative hub I suppose, it is my repository for my words, photos and art. So there you go, this is part of the ongoing evolution of this site “Pop’s Pic’s Creative Repository“.

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💕

Addendum :- I probably should have made more clear that this site will be fed from “any or all” of my other sites, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook and so on, with mainly my own stuff but also sometimes items from other creative individuals from these sites, stuff I have shared on Tumblr from other artists for instance. Of course there will also be the written blog posts created here on this WordPress site…

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