Two become One

So for a very short time I was managing two blog’s but I’ve decided I don’t want two, I only want to manage one blog, so I have copied the relevant posts over from "Pop’s Alternative Computing".  Now it’s all going to be here on "Pop’s Pic’s Creative Repository" (mind you I may have to tweak the blogs title a little to reflect this change). So as well as being a repository for all my creative stuff it will also contain my more techie Linux and Chromebook type posts, as well as whatever else takes my fancy 😁  

There is also a secondary reason for this merging of my blogs, I have a presence on the Fediverse, I have been building this presence on my Linux laptop, a kind of free space universe along with the opensource operating system and software within the Linux environment. I have Pixelfed for photography, Mastodon Art for art, PeerTube for videos, Fosstodon for techie open source stuff and of course Mastodon itself leading the way as my social media platform. And now with the help of the ActivityPub plugin by Matthias Pfefferle  for this WordPress site this blog now cross posts to Mastodon.  Meanwhile my other site "Pop’s Alternative Computing" is not a premium site and therefore I cant install plugins on it meaning that this site was the obvious choice. I will keep the other site alive though, as a backup site just in case.  

So that’s why in the words of five very wise women "Two become One"  😁

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