Back into Isolation I Go…

Back into my little bubble. My own doodle.

Due to Covid still being a valid problem in the UK and me having rather poor health in general, Heart Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease for a start, I have been anxious about going out, OK so Covid probably isn’t killing nearly as much as it was but with my health issues I think I have to be extra careful

And then this morning I got an email from the NHS stating “Our records show that you’re eligible to receive a further COVID-19 vaccination this autumn. Your protection from previous doses may now be reduced and will continue to decline. A further dose should reduce your risk of becoming severely ill from COVID-19 this winter” and “You can get vaccinated if your last dose was at least 3 months (91 days) ago. If you have a weakened immune system due to a health condition or medical treatment”. Well I’m very nearly 66 years old and in poor health and it’s definitely been more than 3 months, so I believe I need to take this quite seriously !!

Of course this has just increased my anxiety about going out and contact with others even further, so for now I will not be leaving the house except for emergencies or medical appointments and only my sons (they are my bubble) or the district nurses (if they need to change my Catheter) will be allowed into my house.

I am essentially going back into self isolation

2 thoughts on “Back into Isolation I Go…

  1. I can understand what you’re saying as I have health issues, I do go out but keep my distance wear mask when necessary. It’s important to get out in the fresh air as it’s good for your well being. There are places where not alot of people about.

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