ICU Team Catch UpBack from my hospital appointment with the ICU team.I had a hospital appointment at Furness General this morning, it wasn’t anything important, interesting or serious, it was just a follow up appointment with the Intensive Care Unit team. I met with two nurses from the ICU, they asked me how I was … Continue reading

Good morning my Peeps, it looks a pleasant enough morning so far 😊🙏💕 I have a hospital appointment this morning, it’s a follow up meeting with the Intensive Care Unit team 😷

Bye Bye WeekendBrand new post on “Words of Wisdom”This is the first post in a new category I’ve created titled “Journal”, and yes it’s a journal or diary of sorts of my very ordinary (and probably very boring for you the reader) life, not much of interest happens to me but still I feel the … Continue reading