The Eight Verses of Training the MindNew post on “Words of Wisdom”The Eight Verses of Training the Mind.With the intention to attainThe ultimate, supreme goalThat surpasses even the wish-granting jewel,May I constantly cherish all living beings.Whenever I associate with others,May I view myself as the lowest of all;And with a perfect intention,May I cherish others … Continue reading

A New PlanNew post on my website / blog.A New Plan.OK, I’ve had a change of heart, not literally I still have the same heart !! but I have slightly changed my plan for my Tumblr and this WordPress.I have previously said that my Tumblr was more of a home for me as I prefer … Continue reading

Hello and Welcome to “Words of Wisdom”Hello and Welcome to “Words of Wisdom”Hi folks and welcome, this is the first post on my WordPress blog “Words of Wisdom“, I intend to use this blog for my wordy posts, they will then be shared to my Tumblr blog which is where a lot of my photography, art … Continue reading